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Quality Assurance
Road network fault E18 through Vestfold. Delivered by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Norwegian Mapping Authority. This and similar errors cost the customer several hundred thousand NOK before we went in and changed the quality routines.
Quality assurance of data, TerraNor can assist

Many customers who buy data are unsure of the quality they receive. Are the road networks interconnected? Is it the right coordinate system? How old is data? Why can't data be used? in GIS?

Most GIS requires that data to be used has a given quality. Without this quality the software will not be able to establish the models needed to run analyzes.
Data errors are very costly and can take many days or weeks of extra work. 

TerraNor can assist in defining the requirements needed to establish a GIS. We knows most error situations that can occur in digital maps and property data. Together with the customer we will establish quality requirements based on functionality. The requirements can apply both for own production and when purchasing data from others.

TerraNor can also help reduce unnecessarily high demands on quality as an expensive raise of cost for data.

TerraNor can assist in quality assuring received data and checking for errors in these. TerraNor can also assist data providers with control before delivery data.