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Land analysis
Seabed analysis
Satellite Data
Services and training
  Consultant Assistance, System Development and Programming  
  Within GIS and remote sensing mainly.  
cuda c++
offers programming with Visual Basic, Visual C++, C, CUDA, OpenCL and FoxPro. Special expertise in programming against spatial databases and the use of topology.

Databasedesign and implementing. Geodata databases are specially handled. GIS functions can be implemented in the databases.

System development, define user requirements, software requirements, system design, choice of hardware and software.
eCog TerraNor can help to develop rulesets and Architect programs in eCognition Developer.  
TerraNor has special expertise in developing solutions for digital maps and GIS. We have long experience implementing GIS against existing databases, such as property registers, forest data, nature conservation, wildlife management etc.
Develop test requirements for application, user requirements test, setup acceptance testing, software requirements, quality requirements, defining procedures to ensure quality. Testing can be performed both for software vendor and buyer or in cooperation with both parties.

Develop routines for analysis of geodata against properties in a GIS analysis. Perform analyzes and / or develop programs and methods for analysis. Vector or raster analysis, satellite imagery and orthophoto use, terrain modeling and design. 
  Hourly rate or fixed price by arrangement  
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