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Land analysis
Seabed analysis
Satellite Data
Services and training
  Courses, training and webinar  
  Online courses are listed at the bottom of the page.

Courses are specifically geared towards the use of software for GIS and Imaging. We have corporate and open courses. 

The following courses are available:
Customized training:
We can develop rulesets in eCognition and LP360 and teach you how to use them. We have several rulesets available for land use and seabed mapping.
From courses in satellite data management,
Webinar/internet training:
Last 12 months we have completed several training courses on web. Participants sit in their own office and follow the instructor over the internet. Software and data are available on ftp. So far the training has been a success, even if we miss the personal contact. In one training we had participants from Australia, Norway, UK and Sweden. It is cost effective, but you get tired. In cooperation with Trimble eCognition team, we found that 3 hours pr day is enough with 45 minutes lessons and 15 minutes break.  

  Current courses and webinar:  
  Course in automatic forest mapping  
  Maximum of 10 participants. You will learn the populations of the stock in aerial and satellite images combined with the use of lidar. Furthermore, you will learn single-tree analysis with the classification of tree species, health and quality. Details of the course can be found in the pdf file below. The course is now held on request.
Invitation to Developer course for forest users.pdf (Norwegian) - Next course is not decided yet.
The course is for Scandinavian foresters.
Course in classification and analysis of Sentinel 2
  This 2 days course teaches you how to use machine learning to classify Sentinel 2 images. We combine satellite data with lidar / laser data to create training sites.
Tools: Zoom, eCognition, and Copernicus hub for data
The training includes:
  • What is remote sensing - a 3 hour voluntary lesson for people with little or no knowledge about remote sensing and Copernicus
  • 4 days, 3 hours pr day:
  • How to create project with several data: image, lidar and GIS
  • How to create rulesets in eCognition
  • Segmentation - divide image into equal polygons
  • Find and create training sites
  • Train the images
  • Classify
  • Knowledgebased enhancements

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