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Satellite Data
Services and training

Courses, training and webinar
Online courses are listed at the bottom of the page.

Courses are specifically geared towards the use of software for GIS and Imaging. We have corporate and open courses. 

The following courses are available:
  • eCognition, basic courses and higher education
  • PCI Geomatics, basic course and higher education, all modules
Customized training:
Quality assurance of geodata: We go through the most common sources of errors in geodata and look at how they can be counteracted. Corporate internally or attend seminar.

From courses in satellite data management,
QuickBird 2003, UllevÄl Stadium, Pan Sharpened.

is a special form of training and presentation done over the internet. Everyone participants sit in their own office and follow the instructor over the internet. We especially use these webinars to introduce new technology to customers. one saves travel costs and can get a personal introduction within 1-2 hours of opportunity to ask questions and get details presented. Most of our webinar is free.

Current courses and webinar:
Course in automatic forest mapping
Limitation of 10 participants. You will learn the populations of the stock in aerial and satellite images combined with the use of lidar. Furthermore, you will learn single-tree analysis with the classification of tree species, health and quality. Details of the course can be found in the pdf file below. The course is now held on request.
Invitation to Developer course for forest users.pdf (Norwegian)
Webinar/Training from:

PCI Geomatics:


European Space Imaging,