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   is redesigned Due to the fact that many of our Scandinavian customers are English speaking, we have decided to go English. 

December 2022:
ecognition eCognition 10.3 is here with support for Python.
Read more about 10.3 here
UiB, Department of Geography, has run its course GEO316 Practical Skills in Remote Sensing on the web due to the Covid-19 shutdown.d> All students and lecturers have communicated with Zoom on the web. Also in attendance were TerraNor and PCI Geomatics.
In the last part of the course, the students did a practical exercise in remote sensing. Here is a lot of good to read. If you are hiring someone with an image processing background, then UiB is the place to look for qualified prospective candidates!

A story about our course has been published on the University website with links to (most of) your posters. You will find it here

Link to UiB web page
Analysis menu Land use->Forest mapping  is new. Describes how to do Single tree classification and stand delineation.

Land use->Vegetation mapping  is new. Describes how to classify satellite images into different land use and vegetation types.
Successful User meeting February 6th 2020 TerraNor had remote sensing user conference at customer NIBIO premises at ├ůs.  
  Les alle foredragene her
Read all talks here.
ecognition eCognition suite ver 10.xx is here  
  Get to know Trimble eCognition Automated Feature Extraction. Strengthened Point Cloud Operability. Boosted Deep Learning Performance. Expanded Vector Tools & Capabilities. Improved user interface. 
Bathymetry TerraNor presents seabed mapping
and analysis
with use of images,
bathymetry and backscatter data
  Read more about bathymetry here  
  Read more about image processing here  
  Read more about seabed data analysis here  
eCognition TerraNor helps oil company Lundin Norway AS to analyse 10 000 images in eCognition. We will present this work in an article later this month  
SI-Imaging TerraNor is now certified reseller for satellite images from SI-Imaging. SIIS is a sales organisation for Kompsat data from KARI - Korea Aerospace Research Institute.
This agreement adds more high resolution optical data and radar data to our product list. See info here

SpacEyes releases version 6.0
SpacEyes is a marvellous 3D presentation tool that display all types of map data and 3D objects in real life looking 3D. Read more about the new functions iv version 6.0 here  
  SpacEyes new methods of handling buildings and roofs  here  

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