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LP360 for ArcGIS™
LP360 standalone

Two solutions, one license only!
You can run LP360 standalone or integrated in ArcGIS™.

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LP360 Comprehensive Point Cloud Visualization

LP360 Seamless Management of Thousands of LAS Files

LP360 Derivative Products

LP360 Breakline Digitization Tools for Constraint Conditions

LP360 Automatic Rail Alignment Extraction and Top of Rail Classification

LP360 Volumetric Analysis


LP360 for ArcGIS™ is the first LIDAR extension program for ESRI ™ ArcGIS. The LP360 uses a specially designed ArcMAP ™ data layer to access lidar point directly from industry standard LAS files. Without having to import lidar data, lidar data can still be combined with all data supported by ArcGIS.

The LP360 is very easy to use. The advanced technology makes access to lidar data extremely fast and efficient in the LP360 without imposing high memory requirements on the machine. Simplicity and speed along with a host of advanced tools make the LP360 the most efficient way to handle lidar data in ArcGIS.

The LP360 includes a powerful tool called 'Point Cloud Task framework'. The tool generates point statistics and contains classification filters, height from ground filters, building point classification, building lines and other filters.

Benefits and Features

  • Virtually unlimited LIDAR data architecture
  • Follows the LIDAR industry standard / ASPRS LAS standard (1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3)
  • Integrated extension for ArcMap ™
  • Requires only one ArcView ™ license
  • Generate a LIDAR datra layer in ArcMap ™
  • Made for end users of lidar data with simple features
  • Combine image data and other data with lidar data
  • Special features for displaying LIDAR data layers
  • Incredibly fast generation of altitude curves and TIN
  • Optimized cross profile view
  • 3D data view
  • Customize and export height curves, surfaces and points
  • 'Point Cloud Tasks' including statistics
  • Help tool for export
  • Conversion from ASCII point to LAS
  • Link with GIS
  • Classify and Extractor Add-ons (Buildings)


Standard is an optional module for the LP360 with a variety of interactive tools for classification, editing, merging and cracking. Classification can be integrated with ArcGIS ™.

Classification can be done in ArcGIS ™ or in LP360 cross profile window.


Advanced is an add-on module for the LP360 and Classify. With Advanced, the user can generate objects including buildings from LAS data.


Download the technical specifications here

Download LP360 Feature matrix here



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