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Satellite Data
Services and training

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eCognition overview
eCognition Developer
eCognition Architect
eCognition Server
eCognition Essentials
eCognition Server: 'Tiling and Stitching'
Split full scene eCognition Architect /Developer
Parallel processing of the parts eCognition Server
Assemble the parts eCognition Architect /Developer
Many images:
Server is used to process large images that are split or many small images that are executed in batch. Using Grid server, 50 000 files can be run automatically. With multiple server licenses

Large datasets:
eCognition server automatically split the image for handling large amounts of data. With multiple processors, data is processed by parallel running. After processing, the parts are merged and the edge zones are adjusted to fit together

Workflow in Client - Server technology
Developer: Expert defines and sets up the work process.

Architect: Professional person defines and sets limits for driving data.

Server: Automatic and parallel processing of data.

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